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About Us

Spreading the Jam, Spreading Your Brand

Having started in 2017, we are a young media company, that vowed to reform the competitive edge of brand communication. We achieve this by communicating repetitively through our screens, to specific audience at carefully populated outlets.

Here at JenAds, we want your brand and your message gets communicated effectively and at precisely where it needs to be heard and seen.

We care less over what is more trendy, advance or which practice represents the future;

What we do care is that – which is more effective when it comes to transmitting a message to an audience.


Vision and Mission

Greater Efficacy

Understanding Communities

Building Lasting Relationships

Better Synergy


What We Do

How We Spread The Jam

Although there is ample advertising in urban areas, there is a dearth of targeted advertising in key places. We have carefully identified such locations and will install JenAds audio visual screens at designated spots to increase visibility and engagement. 

Is this a place where people regularly visit?

Is this a place where people of specific demographic or psycho-graphic visit?

Is this a place where people spend most their time waiting?

Is this a location where people actively does their groceries and meals?

Is this a content that spells nothing against the truth?

Is this a content that serves community interest?

We believe the display of your message with these principles are able to create a high sense of attention, which will eventually lead to impulse and brand engagement.

Self Service





Hence, we critically ask ourselves these 6 principles be it selecting an outlet or creating a content:

How It Works

The Mechanics







15 seconds

per insertion


20 minutes

per loop

The advertisement cycle will be comprised of commercials and infomercials – with the higher percentage for the former. This will ensure that there is no saturation of content (i.e. similar type of ad running one after the other) and this diversity in content will keep viewers engaged and interested. We believe this is the right way to create a sense of “want” within the viewer, and with that an impulse to either engage the services or purchase merchandise from the advertised brand.

The showcase of your brand and its message is targeted at high density urban and residential areas. These areas have been selected by JenAds as they have a high level of habitual footfall. Apart from the casual passerby traffic, customers and clients of selected sites such as self-service laundromats, and specialist clinics usually spend a long time in these places. Whether they are waiting to collect their laundry or seeing a doctor, the high amount of dwell time ensures that targeted ads are always in their view.

With this high level of exposure, the viewer’s subconscious will be slowly primed to receive and respond to the messages that are being communicated. And with each return to these sites, this priming will lead to impulse. This impulse, whether it’s to buy a product or to subscribe to a service or even to become followers, will be acted upon – ensuring your products, services and brand image is successfully received.

Business Insights






Nearby Amenities


Shopping Mall





Public Transport (LRT, MRT & KTM)


What Advertisers Like About JAM 360

Habitual Visits


Captive Environment


 Long Waiting Time


Strategic Locations



Captivating Contents (Educational Tips, News, Movie Trailers and PSA)


"JAM 360 has helped to strengthen and grow our footprint in niche markets."

Chief Executive Officer,

Top 3 Online News Provider


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JamX is an event introduced by JenAds Media Sdn Bhd where we envision to bring the like-minded together — empowering a community; and wish to spark ideas through a series of simple get together sessions.


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