The Thinkers

Who's Spreading The Jam

The Visionary

Desmond singlehandedly built his infra empire to a size 2,000 times larger than when he first started.

The Storyteller

Established brands go to Ben when they intend to win awards at all cost.

The Strategist

Caleb has completed challenging cases where costs were saved by 50% and improved revenue by 100%.

The Magician

Having a special blend of business processes and marketing, Jeremy often beats his peers’ numbers in five or six-fold.

About Us

Spreading the Jam, Spreading Your Brand

Having started in 2017, we are a young media company, that vowed to reform the competitive edge of brand communication. We achieve this by communicating repetitively through our screens, to specific audience at carefully populated outlets.

Here at JenAds, we want your brand and your message gets communicated effectively and at precisely where it needs to be heard and seen.

We care less over what is more trendy, advance or which practice represents the future;

What we do care is that – which is more effective when it comes to transmitting a message to an audience.